Fuel Clenz is a patented fuel additive that is currently being used in the UK, EU, and Canada. Will be available in US pending EPA approval.

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Fuel Polishing

Fuel Clenz Diesel Treatment™ destroys the environment in which bacteria can survive resulting in a contaminant free fuel. Traditional fuel polishing “cleans” the fuel by facilitating the water through combustion, and the fuel will become contaminated aged. However, Fuel Clenz eliminates the water entirely, and the treated fuel does not degrade again.

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“We are pleased to be associated with Fuel Clenz™ and thoroughly recommend its usage for all aspects of the industry where diesel fuel is used. The small cost involved for treating diesel fuel for prevention or cure of water and bug-related problems are minimal compared to repair, downtime, and loss of revenue whilst the vehicle is off the road.”
John Minchinton, M.I.A.M.E., Nissan Diesel 
“We tried Fuel Clenz™ in one of our diesel vans, a Ford Fiesta that was getting around 43 miles per gallon. It was shown to improve fuel consumption to around 49 to 50 miles per gallon, gaining 40 miles for every tank of fuel, the equivalent to $500 per year cost saving. We have now decided to use Fuel Clenz™ in all our vehicles.”
“I would not hesitate to recommend Fuel Clenz™ to any other fuel user as it has served us well for more than two years now since we first started trialing it”.
Jeffrey G. Edwards, Workshop Supervisor, New Zealand Fire Service, NZ 
“I have been using Fuel Clenz™ in our company vehicles for several years. Using Fuel Clenz™ has saved a minimum of 10% on my fuel bills each year and has improved performance beyond my expectations. I recently had a new engine fitted in one of our vehicles and assumed that Fuel Clenz™ would not be needed because of the new engine. However, the fuel bill exceeded the previous monthly cost. So I decided to put Fuel Clenz™ in this vehicle and to my surprise have achieved the same saving on my fuel consumption of over 10% of fuel.

So not only has Fuel Clenz™ saved us a lot of money with our older vehicles but also proves it is an asset to new engines also.

I would not be without Fuel Clenz™ as the benefits are outstanding!!!"
Tony Askey, Capital Stone Renovation AL
“Initially Green Frog Power Ltd purchased Fuel Clenz™ to eliminate any water contamination in our bulk diesel storage tanks, we have over thirty of these tanks on twelve individual sites. This proved to be invaluable to us as a company in maintaining our fuel to an optimum standard as a standby power provider to National Grid. As an added bonus to this, we are currently testing the Fuel Clenz™ product on our 580 strong fleet of diesel engines, the purpose of this is to see what improvements are made in terms of efficiency and performance with Fuel Clenz™ in the fuel mixture.

We look forward to a long and productive future working with Fuel Clenz™ and the benefits that using the Fuel Clenz™ bring to our company”
Paul Lawson, Operations Manager, Green Frog Power Ltd 

Traditional Fuel Polishing
vs Fuel Clenz

The presence of water in diesel fuel is a serious problem for businesses today. Contaminated fuel may cause engine failure, reduce fuel efficiency, overall engine performance, and impact a business’s bottom line. Diesel fuel can become contaminated within 28 days requiring continued testing and treatment.

Current treatments include:

The use of emulsifiers. Stability tests of traditional emulsifiers have shown that the separation of water and fuel may reoccur within days. The lack of stability in the treated fuel requires continued testing and treatment.


Filters and water traps. These must be inspected regularly and changed/drained when appropriate to do so. The main disadvantage with filters and traps is that the water remains separate and the environment in which bacteria can develop is not destroyed.

Fuel Clenz is different, it totally eliminates water from the fuel, eliminating contamination (and its effects) from your fuel system and storage systems. The Fuel Clenz additive is also completely stable, not requiring re-testing or retreatment.

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